Saturday, May 26, 2012

RNC Video: “Worst Week Ever?”

WASHINGTON - The Republican National Committee (RNC) is out with a new web video "Worst Week Ever?" that summarizes a rough week for President Obama's reelection. After doubling-down on attacking the free market and Mitt Romney's business record, Barack Obama and his campaign team hit a brick wall when Democrat after Democrat started coming out against their tactics. He also found out on Tuesday that "uncommitted" can be a tough primary challenger. President Obama had a bad case of the Mondays-every day this week.

"Barack Obama had a rough week as his attacks on the free market and Governor Romney's business record were repeatedly denounced by his fellow Democrats who found them offensive," said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. "It seems that everyone other than him understands the important role of private sector job creators. We can't be too surprised by this president's anti-business rhetoric after watching him spend three and a half years making it harder for job creators. After getting rebuked in Tuesday's primaries, on top of almost losing to a convict the week prior, it's clear their message just isn't working."

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