Thursday, May 17, 2012

They Tell Us We’re Wasting Our Time

Rally for the Republic, 2008, by Cory Barnes (CC BY-SA 2.0)
By Zach Foster

This is the first time I’m doing this, but my conscience leads me nowhere else but to disagree with campaign chairman Jesse Benton in his premature obituary for the Paul Presidency. While the email blasted out to Ron Paul supporters and other interested parties confirms that Ron Paul is still in the race, it also cedes that the Romney nomination is inevitable due in no small part to the “fact” that Romney is within 200 delegates of securing the Republican Party’s nomination for the Presidency of the United States.  Furthermore, the Romney camp and their cohorts in the Republican Party establishment (as well as their unlikely allies, the stalwart Democrats) are all parading this false reality in the face of Ron Paul supporters and the greater liberty movement.

To all of the above I say the following: HELL NO.

While I respectfully disagree with Mr. Benton, he’s still an ally in the political struggle for liberty and the soul of our republic.  I’m also giving him the benefit of the doubt, fully suspecting that he may have something clever up his sleeve.  However, the opposition continues to berate for what they perceive to be a waste of time.  Let them keep on thinking that!

The fact of the matter is that Paul is not out of the Presidential race and he still has an excellent chance of defeating both Romney and Obama, more so now that the campaign is no longer spending precious resources in pandering to the common voter.  The liberty youth groups, in coordination with the organized grass roots, continue to register new Republicans to vote for Paul, and this course of action siphons Democrats and Independents away from the Obama camp.  Meanwhile the Democrats hold their own Party caucuses nationwide (almost completely out of the lime light) as a pointless formality in order to secure the nomination for their party’s incumbent President.  Yet they tell us that we waste our time…

Many are saying that Mitt Romney’s nomination is a foregone conclusion because he has over 900 delegates and there are still many state Republican state conventions to go.  Not so!  The swollen 900 figure is actually derived from projections by the Associated Press based in part on primaries and caucuses won by Romney and in part on the rules and bylaws of the Republican state parties.  However, most of the states he won have not yet had their Republican conventions, so those ghost delegates have yet to be elected and awarded!  The current count stands at 351 delegates for Romney and 131 delegates for Paul.

After said future conventions meet, it may be true that Romney is legally entitled to over 900 delegates in the national convention, but there is no telling where their loyalties lie…  Take, for example, the conventions in Iowa, Nevada, and Maine.  Two of the three states were won hands down by Romney in their popular vote while the overwhelming majority of delegates elected at the conventions were Ron Paul supporters.  This is because the Paul camp organized and swept those conventions, which is precisely the strategy that the Campaign is adopting nationwide!  Furthermore, any Paul supporters bound to vote for Romney will simply abstain from voting until voting is unbound, and they can cast their votes in favor of Paul.

Zach Foster and Miles Craig
The foundations of Romney’s candidacy crumble!  Then the Republican Party will hold their nose and nominate Paul and stay in keeping with their phony unity motto of “anyone but Obama.”  Similar phenomenon and compromises have happened in prior convention.  Readers are encouraged to do Google searches for “Wendell Willkie 1940” and “Warren Harding 1920.”

One final note: Paul announced to his supporters that in order for this strategy of organizing delegate sweeps at the conventions to be successful, he would need to raise over $600,000 in the next two weeks.  So far, in the first sixteen hours of the Rise for Liberty Money Bomb the grass roots have raised $270,000 and the donations keep coming in.  We’re also working tirelessly on Congressional and local campaigns to elect liberty candidates, subservient to God Almighty and the U.S. Constitution, into all levels of government.

The opponents of the greater liberty movement tell us that we’re wasting our time.  We’ll just see what they say about that after they’ve spent hundreds of millions of dollars for naught.  While they berate us for “wasting our time,” we continue agitating, educating, and organizing our peaceful revolution to restore our country to its former prosperity, the world’s best example of the Golden Rule in practice, and its rightful place as the city on the hill (Matt 5:14).

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