Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Put Them on Record!

During an election year, candidates make loads of promises.

Rhetoric is heavy.  Substance is light.

In general, campaign rhetoric often clouds an issue, actually making it difficult to know where a candidate stands on specific issues that matter, like ratifying a Balanced Budget Amendment, abolishing the TSA, repealing ObamaCare, and passing Audit the Fed.

That’s why Campaign for Liberty uses our 2012 Federal Candidate Survey to put challengers and incumbents on the record concerning issues that impact our lives and liberties.

Our survey simply asks candidates to truthfully state their position on our issues by answering 20 “Yes” or “No” questions.

If an incumbent politician or an up-and-coming challenger refuses to answer C4L’s survey, you have to wonder what they’re hiding from their constituents.

Usually it’s a Big Government rap sheet a mile long that runs counter to their small government campaign rhetoric.

With challengers, it too often turns out their “bark is worse than their bite,” and their actions will fail to live up to expectations once they’re in office.

That’s where C4L’s candidate survey comes in.

By putting incumbents and challengers on the record with their constituents prior to elections, those constituents can have a written promise for where a candidate stands.

During the legislative season, C4L members will be able to refer to their politicians’ survey as a sort of compass, to see if their elected officials are “walking the walk” or off trudging through the weeds.

Many politicians get to Washington, D.C. by appearing to stand on principle, only to be blown away with the political winds when they find themselves surrounded by the beltway mentality.

The C4L survey gives our members a tool to hold their elected officials accountable.

In the coming months, C4L will complete its survey of primary candidates and ramp up its general election program in all 50 states!

You can see a sample survey here.

Anything you could give toward financing this important program will help guarantee future politicians are held accountable.

Please, if you can today, chip in at least $10 or $25 to help Campaign for Liberty fully finance our 2012 Federal Candidate Survey Program.

In Liberty,

Matt Hawes
Vice President

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