Monday, May 14, 2012

Ron Paul is not quitting

Thank you for volunteering and supporting Congressman Ron Paul for President!
Many of you have sacrificed your money, your homes (meeting and events), resources and the most precious gift you have…your time. Many of us have all been at this in California for since 2007 and we thank you.

If you have not already heard that The Ron Paul 2012 Campaign is not spending any money in Primaries at this time. This does not mean he is dropping out of the race. Ron Paul is still on the ballot and the delegate process is still up for grabs in California. As always and in all campaigns it is up to you the volunteers to make it happen.

I repeat he is not dropping out of the race. I got this straight from Jesse Benton.

The funds are just not there for news and TV ads but we are still going door to door and phoning the voters here in California and elsewhere in the country and we still have plenty of materials to go around.

It has been by your efforts that we have the delegates going to Florida to vote for the only man who can take our country back for the brink.

In the last 20 days before the June 5th primary we will continue to push to take our political process. So tell all your friends

He is still in the race and your vote and their efforts count.

I will also release a list of names of liberty candidates throughout the state that are supporters of liberty.

I can still be reached at robertv@ronpaul2012,com or by my other email address .  Please stick to campaign related issues on any email until after June 5th 2012.

We have 20 more days so don’t quit because Ron has not.

Winning Delegates from California
California is winners take-all primary by congressional district.  Meaning that, delegates awarded to the Republican National Convention will be apportioned by the congressional district that Ron Paul wins.

Registering Republican

You must be a registered Republican by May 21, 2012 in order to vote for Ron Paul for President! Ron Paul is on the Republican ballot.  You must be a registered Republican to receive the Republican ballot.  Registering new Ron Paul Republicans is the key to victory.
We all love good sign wave, but we gain no new voter.  We must register new Republicans.  Voters who are not Republicans after May 21st cannot vote for Ron Paul!  Always have registration forms.  You can get forms at your local county registrar, DMV, or post office. You only have 6 more days to get them done and in the mail by May 21st.

RepublicanCountyCentral Committee
Liberty Republicans must restore the Republican Party!  County Central Committees are the smallest political demographic and are founded in the California Constitution.  The true Republican Party is the county central committee.  The single largest victory Liberty Republicans have had in California is our growing membership on county central committees and the growing number of delegates to the state central committee.  Help us continue our victory.

We are looking for Liberty Republicans to run in every county throughout California in the coming years since the registration as passed for this election cycle election for the next central committee begins again in February 2014 but we need alternates as well right now.

If you have already been organizing and have a point person in your area, have them contact us with the information at . Subject line: County Central Committee

The Liberty HQ's in California
For those in the Los Angeles Area we have a Headquarters with over 20 phones paid for by you the donators.  We need to man/woman the phone 7 days a week and the office is open from 9 to 9 each day.  It is located at 1728 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, Ca. 90291

Ron Paul Headquarters In South San Francisco
417 Grand Ave. South San Francisco, CA 94080

Fresno County Ron Paul Head Quarters
777 Minnewawa Aveune Suite 12
Clovis, CA 93612

Robert Vaughn


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