Friday, June 22, 2012

DNC Senior Advisor for Hispanic Affairs Statement on Mitt Romney’s Speech at NALEO: “Americans Will Remember Extreme Positions in November”

DNC Senior Advisor for Hispanic Affairs Juan Sepulveda released the following statement on Mitt Romney’s speech at NALEO today:

    “Mitt Romney is banking on the memory of the American people being very short. No matter what he says now, it won’t change the fact that Romney holds an extreme position on immigration and is on the wrong side of every issue that’s important to the Hispanic community. Mitt Romney may want to forget the promises he made during the far right Republican primary, but Americans won’t.

    “Romney called the DREAM Act a ‘handout’ and promised to veto it. Now he’s stayed silent for seven days, refusing to tell voters if he would repeal the Obama Administration’s new action that will make our nation’s immigration policy more fair and efficient. It would prevent young people who were brought to our great nation through no fault of their own as children from being deported—something we should all be able to get behind. So, we shouldn’t believe that anything for Romney has changed—even though now he’s just afraid to come out and say it.

    “President Obama knows that if Hispanic families succeed, our nation thrives. He’s fighting for us all and working to create an economy that is built to last. He’s worked hard to make college more affordable for Hispanic students, and because of his leadership, health care will be more affordable and accessible. President Obama’s record is clear—he’s fighting for the middle class and for a better future for our country for all Americans. Mitt Romney’s far-right positions and philosophy of Romney Economics are dangerous for nearly everyone: middle class families and those still trying to make it there, and Hispanics families working to achieve the American Dream.”

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