Friday, June 22, 2012

Reader Submission: Ron Paul and the Liberty Movement

This was submitted by YouTube user thejokerspeaks in response to the video IT’S NOT OVER, DAMMIT!

I like your video, and was relieved that the "Plan B" wasn't seeing how Rand could change Romney. I see people discouraged and giving up, people jumping on board the GOP, or pledging their August/November support of Ron Paul as if their last hope. Losing a solid leader is not a bump in the road, nor is it the end, but somewhere in-between. Being too optimistic or pessimistic about a rebound can be damaging. However Ron Paul has been speaking for 30 years, and only recently have people began to listen. Freedom is alive and the people are hungry for it.

Here are my thoughts on the situation, specifically why I believe we should be cautious who gets handed the torch next, and possible warning signs already flaring. I am curious of your thoughts, especially coming from someone balanced and practical about the situation.

I think that Rand Paul was a total mistake. Most people become corrupt with power, and he was handed his father's legacy, his supporters, Campaign for Liberty, and so on without earning it. Maybe he earned the Senate, but that's I'm talking about. It's the goodie-bag that's the problem, and here's why....

Think: if a man build a business for 40 years, and the last 5 of that it exploded in growth. His son, who never had much interest in it, was corseted into taking it over CEO straight to the top.. Is he really going to respect it? He's not, and even with good intentions, this never works out.

Campaign for Liberty appears compromised. Tom Woods, former CFL head, is asking Ron Paul to make a complete sweep of this organization. The agenda is turning from Liberty to globalist, and there are suggestions of supporter lists being fished. I find it disturbing that they are meeting at the Whitfield Marriott in Chantilly VA this September, where Bilderberg just attended....

Now to this strategy Rand is supposedly taking about...

What I learned at CFL in 2009, the old CFL, was that only 3-6% of the population votes in national elections without a blind dedication to R or D's. When Ralph Nader was asked if he regretted costing Gore the election in 2000, he said, "No. Now the Democrats will pay attention to our positions". We were instructed that the only way to control the Republican Party was by costing them an election in the event that a constitutionalist was not elected.

"If you are not politically feared, you will not be politically respected." We were given the example of the "Christian Right,” which basically only cares about the pro-life, and they will vote R no matter the issues, the candidate, or their history (even in reelection). So Bush waits 3 years to pass a partial birth abortion ban, throwing only one bone, and the pro-life movement loves him to this day. Would you wait 3 years to ban that?

With this Liberty movement is on fire, we are told to copy the Christian Right? We'll be another politically disrespected subset, just vote R, as if the 2007-2012 Ron Paul Revolution never happened.

This we cannot allow to happen, no matter what Rand Paul, Jesse Benton, or Jack Hunter tell us is the next move.

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