Monday, June 11, 2012

The Revolution converts socialists. Watch EVOLVE #5 now!

Liberty made solid gains in Louisiana and Washington state this past week, boosting Ron Paul’s confirmed delegate count to great than 225! Are you boycotting the corporate media blackout of our victories with Revolution PAC’s EVOLVE? Watch and share Episode 5 right here.

Our “Delegate Playbook” recaps the stats in the horserace to Tampa … and reveals what our wins will mean both on the convention floor AND back in our home districts.

Don’t miss Forrest’s provocative closing challenge to the GOP establishment!

How are we making inroads on the other side of the political spectrum? Find out in our “Firestarter” segment, as Forrest interviews a self- proclaimed “liberal with socialistic tendencies” who’s warming to the liberty message with the help of one very special book.

Making plans to attend Ron Paul Festival? As many as 100,000 are expected. EVOLVE wouldn’t miss it … and neither should you! Details here.

Until next week,

Dan Johnson
Vice Chairman, Revolution PAC

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