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Six Questions for Congress Candidate David Miller

David Miller, one of three candidates running to represent the new 32nd Congressional district, answers Patch's questions ahead of the June 5 election.

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By Hazel Lodevico-To'o

A native of Glendora, David Miller, 48, is making his second bid for an elected office, this time for the Congressional seat in the 32nd District.

The self-described conservative is running as a Republican in the June 5 Primary Election and said he is undeterred in running in the predominantly Democratic-leaning 32nd Congressional district, which includes Monrovia, Baldwin Park, Covina, West Covina, San Dimas, El Monte, and a southern portion of Glendora.

Miller made an unsuccessful run in 2010 against the entrenched David Dreier for the 26th Congressional District. This time as the state attempts to rebuild during a fiscal crisis, Miller, a real estate developer, said voters are ready for a change in government.

Patch interviewed Miller by email as a part of our series of candidate profiles.

1.     Why are you running for the 32nd Congressional seat? 

To restore the Constitutional role of the Federal Government to follow Article 1 Section 8, to defend and protect the Life, Liberty and property of each citizen from being taken and given to the politicians special interest to insure they are re-elected every two years.

2.     You have been very outspoken about returning to the ideals of the Constitution. In what ways has the country strayed from those ideals? In what ways can we return to them?

The ideals of the Countries founding principles are; the role of government is to protect our intrinsic rights from being taken from us by another.  Now the government seems to think it is incumbent upon them to take our rights and give them to others.

The Constitution gives specific areas (Article 1 Section 8) in which we the people have delegated to the Federal Government.  A few areas as an example, where the Federal Government has no authority.

1. Education
2. Healthcare
3. Housing

The only way we will return to the proper role of the Federal Government is if we have a citizenry that knows the constitutional role of the government, and elects people to congress who will follow the Constitution. 

3.     Patching up a multi-billion state deficit will not resolved overnight. How do you think the state can begin to close the massive gap?

Whether we are talking about State or Federal budgets, the only answer to repairing deficits is to spend less than you take in.  Federally speaking it seems without a balanced budget amendment the politicians are not capable of making the tough decisions.

4.     Would you have an instrumental role as previous local representatives have had in bringing funds to the Gold Line extension project? Why or why not?

State mass transit is not a Constitutional role of the Federal government according to our Constitution. If as a congressman I am supposed to follow the highest law of the land, then I would hope the citizens' would want me to stay true to my oath of office.  If the Federal government did not take our monies through taxes and federal mandates California could choose to spend their monies on what is important to Californians. It is not the responsibility of one state to be responsible for another states issues. 

5.     Schools have long struggled with dwindling state resources. How do you think the state should treat funding for public schools and higher education? What should be done to maintain quality education?

Education is not a Federal issue. Again, according to the Constitution I have no legal authority in the area of education.

6.     What specific issues would be a high priority for you if you were elected to Congress?

Spending and deficits; If we do not get our spending under control our children and grandchildren will be subjected to a life of servant-hood to pay the debts of the prior generation.  I cannot personally sit by and do nothing and allow my children's future to be destroyed by career politicians and special interests.

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