Friday, June 22, 2012

Open Letter to RNC member Shawn Steel regarding Mitt Romney

In response to a Peggy Noonan article forwarded by RNC member Shawn Steele, 22 June 2012


Mitt Romney is totally ignoring the Liberty faction of the Republican Party and in doing so he will NOT receive our support in November.  Keep in mind that we're 20% of the GOP.  Many libertarian-leaning Republicans would be prepared to swallow their pride and vote for him but only on the condition that he take a Paul as VP, nominate Judge Andrew Napolitano as Attorney General, and an Austrian-school economist--perhaps Lew Rockwell or Walter Block--as Treasury Secretary.

Also, ex-Governor Romney NEEDS to promise to fully audit the Federal Reserve and end U.S. aid to war-torn middle eastern countries; Pakistan's harboring of Bin Laden and failure to fight the Taliban, as well as Yemen harboring of Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood taking over Egypt just go to show that American dollars are only propping up dictators, warlords, and corrupt governments sympathetic to the jihadists.

The few recommendations I listed are nowhere near our full preferred platform but they're at least enough to stop the bleeding caused by both parties.  If Romney swore to those things in a press release, then he may get our support.  Otherwise, NO DICE.

Keep in mind that Democrats and Republicans will stop campaigning the day after the General Election--our faction won't.  God bless America and the Constitution.

Yours in liberty,

Zach Foster

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