Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ron Paul: After 30 Years…

After nearly 30 years of fighting for liberty in Washington, my time in Congress is rapidly coming to an end.  But what a way to go out!  I am so pleased to tell you about what could be the crowning achievement of my legislative efforts – passing our Audit the Fed bill!

I know a lot has been asked of you this year, but I’m writing today to make sure you understand that in the coming days, my biggest priority will be passing my Audit the Fed bill through Congress.

The good news is, the House leadership has promised a vote on Audit the Fed this July, so I must ask EVERY SINGLE PATRIOT to help Campaign for Liberty in this vital effort today.

You can help me make history – and help change the course of the country - by passing Audit the Fed through Congress.

Please take a look at this message from Campaign for Liberty for more details.  They have been on the frontlines of this battle for the past few years and are ready to win it, so I am personally asking you to help them finish this fight with an incredible victory.

For Liberty,

Congressman Ron Paul

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