Sunday, February 26, 2012

Greens Racking Up Ballot Access Wins!

The Green Party of the United States announced this morning that the Maryland Green Party will be defending its latest ballot access petition in court on Friday, March 2nd. The state party, which has been ballot-qualified since 2000, collected significantly more signatures than necessary to maintain its status as a political party but has been in court for almost a year defending them against harsh verification standards. According to analysts, this case - in Maryland's highest court - will "impact elections in Maryland for years to come".  
Another successful ballot access case would cap off a month of huge wins for the Green Party across the United States. On February 3rd, a U.S. District Court ruling struck down restrictve portions of Tenneessee's ballot access law and ordered the Green Party to be placed on the ballot. 
On February 15th, reports indicated that volunteers had collected enough signatures to put the Green Party on the ballot in Utah. Supporters turned in three thousand signatures, a thousand more than the state requires to recognize a political party.
Then on February 21st, Greens in Hawaii turned in the signatures necessary for ballot access in the Aloha State. The Green Party has a long history of ballot access and electoral success in Hawaii, having elected several members to county office.
The Green Party is currently on the ballot in 20 states and is working on being placed on over 45 state ballots for the 2012 election. We will send further updates as the quest for ballot access unfolds, so keep reading and thank you for your support of the Green Party.

Source: Green Party e-letter

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