Sunday, February 5, 2012

Nevada Vote Count Smells Fishy

By Lisa
A note this morning from RevPAC Advisory Board member Murray Sabrin:
Although the Nevada caucuses ended last night, only 71% of precincts have reported.  This smells fishy.  With electronic voting, results should be tabulated in an hour or so.  Paper ballots may take two to three hours, but no more.  Our much heralded “democracy” is corrupt.  Voter fraud, undercounting and overcounting, is occurring.  According to one source, Romney got two votes in one Iowa precinct, but it was reported as 22.  Ron Paul’s votes in Iowa, according to other sources, may have been tampered with because some of the ballots were counted in a closed room by GOP state officials.  Maybe the UN should monitor our primaries and elections like they do in third world countries.
At any rate, no one is dropping out of the GOP presidential primary race.  Ron is campaigning relentlessly and his message of limited government at home and abroad is being embraced by more and more people.  Whether this is the year an anti-big government GOP presidential candidate gets the nomination remains to be seen.  In the meantime, Mitt, Newt and Rick are sounding more like Ron on domestic issues but continue to mouth the neocon message on foreign policy issues.  McCain, if the three have not noticed, lost badly four years ago.  So why the three pro-war candidates think that endless war will be embraced by the public in the November general election is a mystery.
Source: Revolution PAC. Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore.

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