Monday, February 20, 2012

Ron Paul Flushes Romney in Washington County

On Saturday, 2/18/12, the delayed Washington County caucus was finally held in East Machias, Maine. As many of you know, there has been tremendous controversy surrounding the behavior of the establishment GOP in Maine.
After Ron Paul’s huge margin of victory in Washington county, local Ron Paul supporter, Bryan Daughtery, noted with suspicion the reasons why this particular county was delayed and excluded from the “final” vote tally.
The final votes for Washington county came to: 163 for Ron Paul, 80 for Mitt Romney, 57 for Santorum and 4 for Gingrich.
Efforts are underway to remove Charlie Webster from his position as the State GOP chair for his suspicious activity surrounding the caucuses. Ron Paul supporters should take note; final numbers have not been released by the State GOP, two districts in Hancock County were held on Saturday as well which Ron Paul won. With your help, RevPAC will continue to keep the pressure on the Maine State GOP to ensure that they include all of the delayed caucus votes.
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Aaron R. Jones
 Director of Grassroots Video
Submitted Documentation:
 Maine Irregularities Summary
Maine GOP Results Spreadsheet
Source: Revolution PAC.

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