Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Veterans March on the White House

On February 20th, President’s Day, several hundred veterans marched, in formation, from the Washington Monument to the White House. When they arrived they did an about face to turn their backs to The White House and held a salute for eight minutes, one second for every soldier that has committed suicide since President Obama took office. After the salute the soldiers stood in silent prayer for twenty minutes, one second for every soldier that has been died overseas since President Obama took office.
These veterans marched to show solidarity against the continued war mongering of Washington and their support for Ron Paul. The main stream media largely ignored this event with only a handful of articles appearing online. Revolution PAC was there to bring you firsthand reporting and video of this historical event in the fight against these unconstitutional wars and continued hawkish stances from both sides of the aisle.
Revolution PAC will be uploading more video taken from that event as soon as possible. Please be sure to check our youtube channel, http://www.youtube.com/therevolutionpac for more videos.

Source: Revolution PAC

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