Friday, February 3, 2012

LIVE Nevada Caucus Results Webcast Saturday!

Are you ready? We’re entering one of the biggest weeks yet in the race for the Republican nomination. While other candidates spent critical time and energy in Florida this week to gain zero delegates, some believe Ron may come out ahead as he hits the ground to over-capacity crowds in the favorable caucus states of Nevada, Minnesota, Colorado and Maine.
This week, USA Today/Gallup also proved something that we already knew: Only Ron Paul and Romney are competitive with Obama. It’s a two-man race!
Of course, the corporate media won't tell you any of this. Revolution PAC will … and then some!
“Boycott the Blackout” this Saturday, February 4, at 6:00 p.m. CST by participating in our LIVE Nevada Caucuses Webcast at
Special guests will be: Robin Koerner, author and founder of the Blue Republican movement; Walter Block, author and esteemed Austrian economist; Dave Nalle, political writer and Republican Liberty Caucus chair; Aaron Jones, iroots founder and RevPAC director of grassroots video; RevPAC boots on the ground; and just added to the lineup ... Adam Kokesh of the "Adam vs. The Man" Show to discuss the upcoming "Ron Paul is the Choice of the Troops" March on the White House!
In studio, RevPAC pundits will answer your Twitter and chat room queries, provide real-time analysis of the all the caucus action and discuss how liberty fans across America are activating for a Ron Paul victory!
Tens of thousands tuned into RevPAC’s first two groundbreaking live election broadcasts. So, RSVP at our Facebookevent page, get your friends together and join us Saturday at
This is the voice of YOUR Revolution!
Yours truly,
Gary Franchi
Chairman, Revolution PAC

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