Monday, February 27, 2012

ICYMI: Editorial: “Unstimulating”

Excerpts from the Columbus Dispatch
February 27, 2012
"With the recent marking of the third anniversary of the first federal stimulus bill's passage, it's hard to argue that taxpayers got their $800 billion worth. If anything, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act - passed along party lines, with the aid of all sorts of side deals and kickbacks to woo holdout lawmakers - ultimately might have delayed and extended the pain of the recession by providing only short-term and inefficient fixes to a much-larger economic problem, while significantly increasing the nation's burden of debt...
"Despite all the promises of transparency, there were problems with the full disclosure and oversight of stimulus funds from the outset...there were far fewer 'shovel ready' projects poised to create jobs than initially promised; and the 'saved and created' method of reporting jobs supposedly tied to the stimulus was quickly recognized as a sham, over reporting job numbers or including jobs that never were in danger...
"Today, saddled with an ever-ballooning debt and a national unemployment rate that has remained above 8 percent - and is much worse if one takes into account the number of people who simply have given up trying to find a job or are underemployed - the absurdity of the argument for the stimulus is apparent to the majority of Americans who continue to be faced with tough choices in their own household budgets..."
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Source: RNC Press

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