Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What It Means to be Pro-Life (Part 2)

By Zach Foster
This article was originally published by Young Americans For Liberty
Part II: How the Right Justifies Killing
Rightists love to award themselves the moral high ground for opposing abortion while simultaneously supporting wars of aggression with high civilian casualties.  Indeed, on the economic front, conservatives who ironically subscribe to Keynesian economic theory are convinced that America’s entry into World War II is what restored economic prosperity --  that war is a good cure for economic depression.  What a pro-life sentiment:  War is good for the economy!  Who cares about the loss of innocent life war always entails -- any time the country falls into economic recession, all Americans need to do is go to war and all will be well! </sarcasm>
Currently many Republicans are incredibly nervous about Iran developing nuclear weapons.  Many of these unrepentant warhawks are crying out for the U.S. to “stop Iran from getting the bomb!”  Yet they fail to think through what this means in practice.
How does one country stop a hostile country from doing something?  Should the United States throw sanctions on Iran?  That has already been done!  Should the U.S. throw more sanctions at the rogue republic?  Such an effort… (Read on)
Source: YAL

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