Thursday, February 2, 2012

Green Party: We Respond to the State of the Union, Social Networking​, and More!

Thank you for staying connected with the Green Party. Here is our monthly newsletter for February. 
Watch Our State of the Union Response
Last week the Green Party held a live streamed response to President Obama's State of the Union Address. Presidential contenders Jill Stein and Kent Mesplay were on hand to lay out their Green visions for the nation. You can check out those videos and other speeches, workshops, and interviews here at our Livestream channel.
Green Candidates Need You
The Green Party is running candidates for local, state, and federal offices in 2012. These candidates are working to promote Green values in your community and on school boards, city councils, in state legislatures and in Congress.
You can find candidates in your area with our online elections database. You can search by state to find out who is running in your area. As always, Green candidates do not accept contributions from corporations or political action committees (PACs), so your financial support and volunteer efforts are key to getting our candidates seen, heard, and elected.
Check out our elections database now. If you are running for office or thinking of running for office, and want to know how to get into our database, please let us know (
Follow Us on Facebook, Twitter, and Now Google+
You can stay connected with the Green Party and other Green Party supporters on Facebook or Twitter ( @GPUS ). Now you can join our circle on Google+. Make your support of the Green Party part of your social life by sharing Green news with your friends!

Source: e-letter from the Green Party

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