Wednesday, December 7, 2011

CPUSA: Congress Still Needs to Act on Unemployme​nt

Last week we asked you to take action to make Congress extend unemployment benefits. 

Unfortunately, the GOP-controlled House did not act. The good news is we can still make a difference in this fight. But, if Congress fails to act, nearly 2 million unemployed workers will be cut off of federal unemployment benefits in the month of January alone.  Millions more would be cut off in ensuing months - more than 6 million during 2012. Please take action now!
The Fight to Protect Unemployment Insurance
Last week, a petition with 75,000 signatures was delivered to Congress demanding unemployment benefits be extended. This week, on December 8th, dozens of actions around the country will be occurring to extend unemployment benefits. Check the previous link to see if there is one near you. Are you one of the unemployed? Tell your story at the new AFL-CIO page and read the stories of others like you.

The Fight for Jobs
Even though the latest jobs report shows the unemployment rate dropped to 8.6% - the lowest it's been since March 2009 - that news is tempered by the fact that 315,000 workers dropped out of the labor force. Which is why 10,000 marched for jobs in New York City recently. And what are the other demands of the 99%? AFSCME and Working America have put together a list of 9 Demands of the 99%.
In solidarity,            
Scott Marshall
Labor Chair, CPUSA

Source: e-letter from CPUSA

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