Saturday, December 17, 2011

VIDEO - Senator Rand Paul: Ten Friends

Dear lover of liberty,
My dad’s Tea Party Money Bomb has been an incredible success, with $3,531,094 raised as I write this!
But his campaign still has a little ways to go to reach their $4 million goal so they can get his message out to millions of undecided voters – who begin heading to the polls in only two short weeks.
So, I hope you’ll take me up on a challenge today.
If they agree to chip in this small amount, urge them to then contact 10 of their friends and ask them to do the same.
Though it doesn’t seem like a lot at first, this will really add up to a considerable amount of support.
I also hope you’ll take just a moment to watch the new Christmas TV ad I shot for my dad, where I talk about the consistency and principled leadership the voters can expect from President Ron Paul.

This ad is just the first of several new ads his campaign has put together.
But these ads will only reach as many voters as your support enables them to contact.
So please, if you’ve already given to the Tea Party Money Bomb, I hope Ron Paul can count on you for another donation to help him reach his $4 million goal.
And I hope you’ll take me up on my challenge to contact ten of your friends and family and ask them to give $10 each.
If you haven’t yet given to the Tea Party Money Bomb, I can’t stress enough how crucial your immediate help is to my dad’s efforts in these final two weeks.
It’s make or break time, and we want to guarantee that every voter knows the truth about Ron Paul’s consistent conservative record before they head to the polls.
This will only be possible with your support during this weekend’s Tea Party Money Bomb.
For Liberty,
Rand Paul

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