Thursday, December 29, 2011

Senator Rand Paul: ‘Not Decent!’

Dear friend of liberty,

Not too long ago, Newt Gingrich said with 100% certainty, "I'm going to be the nominee."

It's got to be hard watching something you think you're entitled to slip away.

This past Tuesday, on CNN's The Situation Room, Newt Gingrich, who is freefalling in the polls as voters find out the truth about his record, vented some of his frustration by lashing out against my dad.

First, Newt flat-out said "No" when asked if he would vote for Ron Paul as the nominee against Barack Obama.  Even more revealing, Gingrich later, of course, took a different position and admitted he "didn't know" what he would do if he had to choose between Ron Paul and Barack Obama.

I understand his predicament, though.  And for once, I believe his flopping around is genuine.

On one hand, he could support the most consistent conservative candidate, who has a serious plan to cut $1 trillion in spending during his first year, balance the budget, and fix our fiscal mess.

On the other hand, he could vote for the candidate who more closely represents the things he's endorsed, like spending billions in bailouts, allowing Fannie and Freddie to continue their disastrous operations, forcing Americans to buy health insurance, restricting our Second Amendment rights, cozying up to environmental extremists, and spreading our brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers thin all over the world to nation-build without end.

It must be tough for Newt.

As if his comments couldn't get any more ridiculous, Gingrich mocked the active duty servicemen and women, small business owners, homeschooling parents, grassroots volunteers, and hundreds of thousands more who have gotten behind Ron Paul when he stated that my dad's views are "totally outside the mainstream of virtually every decent American."

It just goes to show you how out of touch the Washington insiders really are.

And, despite what he says, the choice is very clear.

If we want to get our nation back on track, ensure we have a national defense that is second to none, and protect our liberties by returning to a government that abides by its constitutional limits, we must elect Ron Paul as President.

Your generous support has enabled my dad's campaign to surge in the polls at just the right time, as they work around the clock to take the truth about his message directly to the American people.

It's hard to believe the Iowa Caucus is next Tuesday, with New Hampshire the following week.

Because he plans to finish strong in victory, my dad has set a goal of raising $2 million this week by the end of the quarter deadline on December 31.

I hope you'll help him reach this goal by contributing today.

Newt's attacks are just the latest in an onslaught of desperate establishment attempts to smear my dad and scare the voters about his plans to change the status quo.

But one thing is for certain, if the Republican Party wants to once again wander in the wilderness, the fastest way there is to nominate another Big Government politician like Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.

We can do better, and America deserves better.

It's time to elect someone with an untouchable record of consistency and support for liberty - even when it meant standing alone.

It's time to return to the principles of liberty that made our nation strong and prosperous.

It's time to elect Ron Paul.

Millions of undecided voters will make up their minds in the coming days and weeks.

The amount of outreach my dad's campaign can conduct and the level of its effectiveness depend heavily on what kind of support he receives this week.

Please, donate right away to help him reach his $2 million goal by the end of the quarter deadline, December 31.

For Liberty,

Rand Paul

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