Monday, December 5, 2011

See the video everyone is talking about

By Ron Paul
I am going to describe a candidate for you right now, and I want you to think about whether or not you would support him.
This candidate was for the individual mandate that served as the model for "ObamaCare."  He was originally for the TARP bank bailouts before he was against them.  He joined with Nancy Pelosi to promote the anti-business "global warming" agenda.
He slammed Paul Ryan's budget plan as "extreme," calling it "right wing social engineering."
You might think I am talking about Mitt Romney.  Heck, you might think I'm talking about a liberal Democrat. But I'm not.
That candidate I'm talking about is Newt Gingrich.  He is what I like to call a "counterfeit conservative."
And I have barely even scratched the surface!
My campaign team has put together a great video that tells you more about Gingrich and his liberal positions over the years.  It tells you how he flip-flopped on a host of important issues.
And it shows, despite his claims, he is simply not a conservative.
You can take a look at the video HERE, which has spread like wildfire across the web, as it's received almost 600,000 views.
You might have seen recently that Mr. Gingrich traded on his former political office to land a $1.8 million lobbying contract with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. 
Why is this so disturbing? 
Because while these out-of-control federal agencies were ruining the housing market and causing millions of homeowners to lose their homes and life savings, Newt Gingrich was earning millions advising them.
At that same exact time, I was publicly declaring they needed to be stopped before they ruined the economy.
I guess Newt Gingrich and I have a different idea of what to do with federal bureaucracies.  I fight to rein them in and shut them down before they can do harm.  He pads his personal bank account while they wreck our economy.
While I was fighting environmental extremists, the out-of-control EPA, and the Soros-funded green movement, Newt Gingrich was filming commercials with Nancy Pelosi.
While I was fighting government bailouts, Newt was saying he would have voted FOR them.
Don't be fooled by the words candidates use when they are running for office.  Look hard at their records.  My record is one of true limited government, anti-Washington, D.C. conservatism.
Newt Gingrich has a long record of liberal appeasement, flip-flopping on key issues, and lobbying for insider millions.
Millions.  That's right.  Remember the individual mandate I mentioned earlier that Newt supported?  His healthcare group received nearly $40 MILLION in contributions from the healthcare industry.
I have rarely seen a candidate who represents so much of what is wrong with Washington and what is wrong with our political system.
We can and must demand better.
We must demand REAL conservative values.  We must demand a person who puts faith, family, and freedom ahead of all else.  And we must demand a candidate who has remained true to principle his entire career.
I believe I am that candidate, and I ask you to take a look at my Plan to Restore America at
You can tell I mean every word in it -- just as I've meant every word I have said in public life.  And that's something that everyone will admit, whether they agree with all of my positions or not.
With me, what you see and hear is what you get.  Wouldn't that be a nice change?
I am the only true conservative in the top tier of candidates running for the GOP nomination.  And I ask for your support.
Together, we can stop the counterfeit conservatives AND the liberals in the White House.  We can take back and Restore America Now.
For Liberty,
Ron Paul

Source: e-letter from Ron Paul

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