Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This Holiday Season demand jobs, benefits, voting rights

This holiday season, the struggle for basic human rights takes center stage.

The 99% are marching and lobbying and standing up to secure the right to vote which is jeopardized by new laws pushed through in many states.
On Human Rights Day thousands led by the NAACP, 1199, Teachers and other unions marched from the Koch Brothers office to the United Nations with the message that voting rights are human rights. 
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Signs with pictures of Schwerner, Cheney and Goodman, "Three Martyrs"  reminded everyone that young people had to sacrifice their lives to secure voting rights for African Americans in the South just four decades ago.
Growing  grassroots pressure combined with blatant efforts to disenfranchise  millions have prompted the US Senate to schedule hearings in January.  See coverage here:
The report can be accessed by clicking here:
Blocking  efforts by the extreme right to pass voter suppression laws is vital  for victory for the labor-led people’s coalition in 2012.
This same determination and spirit has pushed unemployed people forward in the movement demanding creation of good jobs to meet the needs of communities and crumbling infrastructure.
Thousands  protested last week in Washington DC to “take back our capital,”  sitting in at congressional offices demanding action on jobs creation  and extending unemployment insurance. Thousands more rallied in  solidarity across the country.
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Congressional  Republicans continue to block every effort to extend benefits and a  payroll tax cut for millions of American workers. Calling Congress and  getting others to do so could deliver the greatest holiday gift to the  millions who will otherwise be cut off at the beginning of the New Year  and force to pay higher taxes. Call the US Capitol Switchboard and ask  for your senator or representative: (202)224-3121
The Republican House passed an Unemployment Insurance Extension which contains provisions President Obama and Democrats refuse to accept. The fight will go on.

Tell them to vote NO on slashing benefits to the 2 Million unemployed workers who rely on it.  Click here to send an email to your Representative and Senators
Best wishes for you and your family,
Joelle Fishman
Chair, CPUSA Political and Legislative Action Committee

Source: e-letter from CPUSA

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